Andrew Murray books




Die Moderne Teologie (Afrikaans pdf, 27mb)         


The two Covenants (English pdf, 439kb)


The deeper Christian Life (English pdf, 119kb)      



The Lord's Table (English pdf, 132kb)


New Life (English pdf, 985kb) 


The School of Obedience (English pdf, 141kb)



Absolute Surrender (English pdf, 451kb) 


The True Vine: Meditations for a Month on John 15:1-16 (English pdf, 146kb)


With Christ in the School of Prayer (English pdf, 802kb)    



Working for God (English pdf, 367kb)      


Books on Andrew Murray

  The Life of Andrew Murray of South Africa    (English 90mb, official 1920 biography by Prof J Du Plessis)   

  Andrew Murray, Calvinist or Pentecostalist? (English pdf, 215kb   (Published with permission of Dr Lee )