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Prof. Dr. Benno A. Zuiddam


Benno Alexander Zuiddam


Thanks for taking a look at my website! I am a theologian and Greek scholar, and earned doctorates in both fields.  I am associated with North West University (South Africa), Greenwich School of Theology (UK) and the Centre for Patristic Research (Netherlands).



Dr Zuiddam matriculated at Farel College, Amersfoort. After completing studies in Journalism, he studied Theology and Classics at the universities of Kampen, Utrecht, Bloemfontein and Potchefstroom. In 2014 Professor Zuiddam was elected a member of the South African Academy of the Arts and Sciences. He has published in the fields of Church History, New Testament, Old Testament and Visual Arts.



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Family Background

A few personal words. I come from a family with roots in the Low Countries, my first known forefather Andries van Suytdam was born in the 15 hundreds. Over the years different spellings of the surname Van Suytdam / Van Zuidam emerged, resulting in e.g. in Zuidam, Zuiddam, Suydam. My wider family was involved in the establishment of New Holland and the city of Nieuw Amsterdam (New York) in the 17thcentury. Others settled in South-Africa (mainlyNatal) andAustralia. Interestingly, one distant relative served with Napoleon and survived his campaign into Russia, while another familymember served under Wellingon at Waterloo. My wife’s ancestors were among the earliest Dutch settlers when they joined theCapeColonyof Jan van Riebeeck in the 17th century.




My research focusses on divine communication, human experience of "the voice of God" in the history of Western civilisation, particularly in a Greco-Roman context.



Divine revelation & speech in early Christian & other Biblical literature, particularly, but not restricted to, the context of the Greco-Roman World. 



1) -The self-appreciation of Biblical Literature (OT/NT) as Divine revelation. 

2) -The appreciation of Sacred Scripture as Divine revelation in history: 

a) In early Christianity; 

b) In the Greco-Roman world as context of early Christianity; 

c) In the wider history of the Church, particularly

where there is a South African interest. 



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Prof. Dr. Benno A. Zuiddam