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Articles in peer reviewed journals

Latest articles in theological and classical journals


The Devil and his Works: the Owl in Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450-1516) South African Journal of Art History SAJAH 29.2 (2014), p.1-17:

The Word as norm, the implication of oracle in 1 Peter 4:11 NGTT (Dutch Reformed Theological Journal)

Early church fathers on death, eschatology and creation (Journal of Creation)

The Shock factor of Divine revelation: a philological approach to Daniel 8 and 9 (Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament)

Remarkable life of M.C. Vos (In Luce Verbi)

Conceptual unity in Romans (Journal of Early Christian Studies)

Oracular terminology in Hebrews 5 (Scriptura)

New perspectives on Irenaeus (Ekkl. Pharos)

Early orthodoxy in Clement of Alexandria (Acta Patristica et Byz.)

The Vossion Recension of Ignatius reconsidered (Ekkl. Pharos)

Genesis and theological complications for neo-Darwinist approaches (Journal of Creation)


What Origen really taught about the authorship of Hebrews (Sources for popular article in Reformed Daily)


 Lewende Godprake vir ons, Hand 7,38 (Verbum et Ecclesia, September 2010)


Die Skrif is aan ons toevertrou, Rom3,2 (Hervormde Teologiese Studies 2010)


Plutarch and God-eclipse in Christian Theology (Ploutarchos 2008/2009, journal International Plutarch Society)


Logion in Biblical Literature and its implications for Christian Scholarship (Acta Patristica et Byzantina 2008, English, pdf)



Plutarch and 'God-eclipse' in Christian Theology (Paper for Society of Biblical Literature 2008, English, pdf)



Logion in Biblical Literature (Paper for Society of Biblical Literature 2008, English, pdf)



David Faure: Why 19th century Minister in Cape embraced Spiritualism(In die Skriflig 2009)



Old Critics and Modern Theology (Dutch Reformed Theological Journal)




DeConick Original Gospel of Thomas in Translation (Neotestamentica, English, pdf)



John Dunmoore Lang: troublemaker or troubleshooter? (Acta Theologica, English, pdf)



Iron in the Blood: Scotchmen in New South Wales ((Acta Theologica, English, pdf)



Strong: ends and means in a 19th century church conflict ((Acta Theologica, English, htm)



Feminist introduction to Christianity (Acta Theologica, English, pdf)



Transnational Bunyan (Acta Theologica, English, pdf)




Prof. Dr. Benno A. Zuiddam