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Hope and Disillusionment



The Church History Guide for Colleges, Home Schools and Home Schoolers. Score key provided on this website free of charge! 






Reformed Daily (4/11/2011):



"A roadmap for the history of the Church"



"Received enthousiastically, also by non-christians"



"This books is an Alpha course for Church history, popular and well received by the people targets."




The Netherlands Daily (19/8/2011)



"It is rewarding to take an honest look at things. This is the best summary of the vast movement of two thousand years of Church history, by the Dutch theologian Benno Zuiddam."



"Church history for a sceptical public of 15 years and older."



"Fascinating storyteller."





14 Year old home schooler (no relation):



"I found this book easy to follow and good to read. I feel like I understand how we got from when the church became accepted in Rome to now. The author explained about the mistakes the church made and how to avoid those mistakes in the future. It made me see how important it is to have reform in the church today. This is the best history of the church I have read so far."



Five star Amazon review:


"Dr Zuiddam has given us a very useful introduction to the history of the church. While it is an overview, there is sufficient detail on the most important events/movements to give a fair representation of what has gone before. The unpleasant aspects of the church's history are not played down, but rather are examined in the light of Scripture, often by way of terse witticisms and probing questions. I recommend Dr Zuiddam's book to those wanting an introduction to church history, and also to those who already have a grasp of church history but would benefit from such a well integrated approach."





I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book "Hope and Disillusionment,a basic introduction to the history of Christianity". It helps Christians and non Christians to retrieve hope in times like ours when questions and disappointment seem to abound.

Apart from what the reviews value as a very readable practical approach and
 basic introduction to the history of Christianity (short chapters, clear divisions).


I have also added a substantial workbook / study guide for readers,

homeschoolers, church groups and college students.

Published by Importantia, also available through Amazon and Fispond (click advertisements to right).

Available as paperback, E-Book, and Kindle.


Great for homeschooling, college & university!

Church groups like it too!


Prof. Dr. Benno A. Zuiddam