The Septuagint (English translation) is the Greek Old Testament Bible that was used in the early Church.


The Vulgate is the Latin version of the Old and New Testament that was generally used in the Western Church. This is the authorized Clementine version in Latin.

Original oder Fälschung?

Eta Linnemann: Original oder Fälschung. Historisch-kritische Theologie im Licht der Bibel.

Schwer zu verstehen

Gleason Archer: Schwer zu verstehen (Encyclopaedia of Bible Difficulties in German.

Lekkerlees stories NG Kerk 1

Anecdotes from the history of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa. Part 1.

Lekker Lees (2)

Anecdotes from the history of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa. Part 2.

Selection of useful free books

For many years now, and probably as one of the first on the worldwide web, my site has been making Zahn’s commentaries freely available (in original German).

New Testament commentary series

Theodor Zahn

Andrew Murray was born in Southern Africa and ministered in the Dutch republic of the Orange Free State and the Cape Colony. It is not widely known that he preached in Dutch and wrote most of his books in that language as well. Many of his books were afterwards translated in English.

Selection of books

Andrew Murray
Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto (Pius X)

Selection of essays

Theodor ZahnAndrew MurrayPius X

Guiseppe Sarto was the only bishop of Rome in the 20th century who gave Sunday homily sermons in the pulpit every week. After the 1908 Messina earthquake he filled the Apostolic Palace with refugees, long before the Italian government acted. He rejected any kind of favours for his family; his brother remained a postal clerk, his favourite nephew stayed on as village priest.

Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensia (Hebrew)

Septuaginta (LXX Greek)

Nestel Aland 28 (Greek)

Historisch Album van de Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk in Zuid-Afrika (met foto’s)